Auto Body Painting

Auto Body Painting

MARS offers professional automotive body painting through our on-site paint booth. Our team of dedicated paint specialists can color match to your specific vehicle to ensure every project matches the factory finish.

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Factory Finish Precision

Vehicle Paint Touch Ups

Undo damage from door dings, scuffs, and scratches to your vehicle's finish

You do everything you can to keep your vehicle's finish smooth but even the most cared-for vehicles inevitably get a scratch, paint chip, or even blemish from rust and corrosion. Without treatment, this damage can get worse over time making your vehicle look old and dull. MARS of Billings has a complete paint touch up process for repairing most paint surface damage. Our team of experts can restore your car, truck, or SUV to a factory finish thanks to our pecision color-matching technology and on-location paint booth. Skip the body shop and let us take care of your vehicle.

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Common Questions

Frequently-Asked Questions about Paint Touch Ups

Can Car Paint Be Matched Exactly?

Yes, using our color matching technology, we can perfectly match your vehicle's original manufacturer paint color. We're able to achieve a flawless result that is indistinguishable from what you would see from a professional paint shop.

Can I do this myself?

There are consumer products available for a DIY repair. However, while these products may work, nothing can replace years of experience with all types of vehicle surface repairs and color matching. Before you attempt a repair yourself, you've got nothing to lose to have us survey the damage.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Car Paint Touched Up?

The exact cost is going to vary depending on the damage and extent of the repairs needed. To provide you our best estimate, contact us or schedule to bring your vehicle in for a complimentary inspection at no cost to you.

Matching that one of a kind color

Paint Color Matching

Providing a premium high quality and durable finish

With our Sherwin Williams paint mixing system, we can match the color of your vehicle to yield a high quality result. Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes has been creating colors for vehicles for decades and is the trusted solution for color matching your vehicle. This premium automotive paint is high-quality and durable to provide a finish that's going to last for the life of your vehicle.

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Global Leader in Paints

Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes provides a complete line of advanced technology paint and coating systems for automotive and commercial refinishing industries.

Expert Color Tools

Sherwin Williams auto paints have some of the finest and most brilliant colors and metallic finishes on the market and with factory color matching.

Sherwin Williams

Paint Correction Service

Repair scratches & surface damage

We've invested in the tools and training to bring back the shine

Paint scratches and haze can quickly distress the look of a vehicle. With the paint protective layer damaged, your vehicle surface is left unprotected and quickly shows its age. MARS Nation uses the finest buffing and polishing tools and compounds which allows us to bring back the shine for a smooth surface.

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Finding your level

MARS Nation's professional paint correction process will completely transform your vehicle to a factory finish. Each vehicle is different and may require a different level of attention. We recommend letting one of our experts examine your vehicle to survey the project.

Level 1

Primarily used on newer vehicles with minor imperfections. This level of paint correction should be completed before applying a ceramic coating application.

Level 2

Great option for new or used vehicles alike which have a moderate level of imperfections such as paint swirls or scratches to the clearcoat finish.

Level 3

Vehicles with high level of pitting and heavy oxidation, and etching. Most intense process we use to remove most defects in the paint and finish to your vehicle.


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MARS provides a wide range of products and services that focus on interiors, exteriors or your entire vehicle. Some services may not be available at all locations. Please contact the location nearest you for availability.

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